Tea or Coffee?

This is one question I have often been asked and the answer to this question is, no, I don’t drink tea or coffee. Well not the standard, original cup of tea, I love to drink fruit and herbal tea. The only time I can remember even tying a cup of milky tea was when I was little and I only used the cup of tea purely for dunking my biscuits in! I’ve just never been a fan. I did however go through a stage where everyone around me was drinking coffee and I wanted to fit in, so I decided to try and drink coffee, though it didn’t last very long. Although the smell of coffee does smell nice, I just really didn’t like the taste of it.

Ever since I was little I had always drank fruit juice and squash, not even water on its own because I had never been a fan of drinking water on its own. People always used to tell me that water doesn’t taste of anything, but to me it did and I just didn’t like it unless it had a good helping of orange squash or apple and blackcurrant in it. I remember watching some videos on YouTube when I was about 17 or 18 and the people in these videos recommended drinking green tea. So I gave it a go, but I wasn’t really fond of the taste on its own, so I tried the flavoured green teas and these weren’t actually that bad. I was determined to try and drink more healthily! I then moved on to peppermint tea, now this I am a huge fan of. I would drink lots of peppermint tea, this even replaced the squash and fruit juice I was drinking. 

Fast-forward a few years I haven’t had any squash or my beloved apple and blackcurrant for years! I even drink water on it’s own now. My drinking diet consists of just water and fruit and herbal tea! It’s funny how when I was little I told myself that squash and fruit juice is all I am ever going to drink. Now I don’t drink it at all! I have also noticed a lot of health benefits from drinking fruit and herbal tea. It actually helped clear a lot of my eczema up and it’s definitely helped my skin, along with drinking water. My mum also just drinks green tea, fruit tea and herbal tea and water too now. Neither of us drinks alcohol and haven’t for quite a few years. 

My all time favourite tea to drink has to be peppermint, I particularly love the one by Twinings, I am a huge fan of their teas. I also love their Intensely Buttermint tea, Camomile tea and Lemon Trio tea. There are also lots of other brands that do real tasty fruit and herbal tea, when I go to the supermarket, I’m always looking to see what new teas are out.

Do you love fruit and herbal tea? If so, what are your favourite flavours?

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