Ted Baker Bathing Blooms | Review

I love it when you find a fragrance that you absolutely love and you just don’t want to stop wearing it, or using a product that smells of it! This is exactly how I feel about what you can see in the photo above. You may have seen my post I wrote a while back on my favourite fragrances. They are ones that I have loved over the years and still love as much now as I did back then.

I have always wanted to own something by Ted Baker. The products always look so amazing and come in the most gorgeous packaging. One of my Christmas presents this year was this set of Ted Baker Bathing Blooms, miniature set. You have no idea how excited and happy I was when I unwrapped it. I was straight into it and smelling the products. Although I haven’t had these products that long, I’ve been loving using them and I just really wanted to write about them. They are an amazing gift, especially if you are looking to get someone that little something extra.

I firstly want to talk about the scent of these products. The smell is absolutely amazing. The scent includes blends of red fruit notes, with soft rose petals, sandalwood, musk and raspberry leaf. Even by looking at what the scent includes, you just know it’s going to smell amazing, just by the ingredients. It’s lovely and fresh and after applying some of the body spray, I found that it lasts quite a long time throughout the day. It instantly makes me feel so happy when I apply some and smell the scent of it. I can really smell the rose petals and red fruit notes. 

Secondly, I want to talk about the packaging. The products come in a gorgeous pink box with a little classic Ted Baker bow on top. I love the packaging that the bubble bath and body spray come in. The bottles are clear and have a picture on the back of a gorgeous floral pattern, which I think is so lovely. The body spray is the perfect size to pop into your handbag and spritz on the go. They come neatly placed within the box and each products ingredients are on the back of the box.

You get a generous amount of each product and as I mentioned above, this definitely makes a perfect gift. I’m so happy with it.  I love everything from the packaging, to the scent and to the perfect, handy size of each product.

Have you tried these Ted Baker products? Which Ted Baker products do you love the most?


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