The £1 Lipstick and Lip Liner by MUA

Happy Tuesday! I hope you are having a lovely day. Easter is almost here and it’s almost the end of March too! I’ve got a couple of Easter eggs, so I’m really looking forward to eating those. I love that there is a much bigger selection of free from Easter eggs now in the supermarkets. What are your plans for the weekend? Also thank you so much for all of the love I’ve been getting on my Instagram photos, it really means so much to me. I’ve been working really hard on my photos and I love that you love them. It makes me so happy.

I do love a good bargain and I do love my lipsticks! Although I absolutely love products by Urban Decay, Mac, Stila and many more, I also love, love, love products by more affordable brands such as MUA, Revolution Makeup and Essence. Ever since my local Superdrug started selling products by MUA a few years back, I’ve been a huge fan. I’ve loved their lipsticks ever since I purchased one of the One Direction lipsticks that they brought out. I got stocked up on a couple of those before they stopped selling them. I’ve still got one to use. You may remember that I featured one of them in My Favourite Lipsticks post.

Just because a product is very affordable, doesn’t mean that it’s not going to be very good. I personally prefer makeup products that cost a few pounds to more expensive ones. The quality is just as good, if not better. If like me, you are on a very strict budget and want to save money, brands such as MUA, Revolution Makeup, Natural Collection and Essence are great for buying makeup products. They have such a huge range and are amazing.

The lipstick in the photos above and below is called Shade 2 and the lips liners are in the shades Red Drama and Dark Thistle. I haven’t included it in these photos, but each of the lip liners, comes with a lid that has little pencil sharper in it, which I think is fantastic, because then you have always got a sharper for when it is getting low, as I have no idea what I did with my sharpener. All you need to do to sharpen them is pop the lid on and twist and use as you would a normal sharpener. For £1 that also includes this in the lid is amazing. Both of the liners have a very rich and intense colour. I haven’t actually got a red lipstick by MUA yet, but as I own other red lipsticks, I thought this red liner will be great to use with them. Then I got the other lip liner to go with the lipstick I got by MUA in the photos.

There are so many gorgeous shades to choose from. The next time I go into Superdrug, I really want to look for the lipstick in the shade Coral Flush, as I do love a good coral lipstick. Each lipstick is 3.8g, so you definitely get a lot of product for £1. Also just to quickly mention, if you are looking for a new eyeshadow palette, highly recommend checking theirs out as MUA do a gorgeous selection of palettes.

Have you tried any makeup products by MUA?


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