THE 1st Diary POEMS by Prudee M | Book Review

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For as long as I can remember I’ve always been very fond of poems. I’ve loved reading them over the years, even writing ones myself. I love the way that you can create either a short or long poem, be creative with them and create something deep and meaningful with words. The book in the photos above and below is The 1st Diary Poems by Prudee M. It’s been so long since I have read a poetry book, but this one has definitely made me want to read more poems, even to start writing my own again. 

“THE 1st diary POEMS is a celebration of heart meets love. It’s written to show you how deeper in love you can fall while keeping the same smile of old. It’s intended to reach that deepest part of your heart where love planted a seed that grows big, the same part where love grows your needs so it never stops giving. 

My name is Prudee M. I was brought up in South Africa, but I live in my writings. What I found great about LOVE is that it’s the only unseen thing human beings are able to bring into existence. THE 1st diary POEMS is the revelation of this love and how it progresses from the unseen to endless possibilities of what you could ever imagine love to be. Included in the book are the following: Love is a reminder that you once wished for something good to happen. Love is a blank picture that is never short of ink. Love is the greatest gamble that’ll win you an even greater life.

My wish with THE 1st diary POEMS is to take you on my journey of love that began as a hopeful one. It’s a journey of butterflies in my stomach when their season hasn’t even begun, countless scintillating stars all around, that full moon that shines brighter at night than the sun ever could. It’s about any dream that matures enough until it brings reality into your arms. I do hope you enjoy THE 1st diary POEMS. I poured my heart and soul into it.”

This book full of poems is brilliantly written. Straight away when reading, I could really see how much love and care has gone into each poem, the deep and beautiful meaning to each one. I love poems that really show emotion and are meaningful. I have really been enjoying reading this book and I’m so happy that I have it on my Kindle. Just from reading the description of this book, it sounds both amazing and beautiful. And I can definitely tell that Prudee M has poured her heart and soul into it. I absolutely love that each poem describes and shows love in so many ways, ways in which we may miss and not fully recognise. 

Some of my favourite poems from this book include, Love Begins With You, Into Love, Waiting For You and In Love With The One. I highly recommend checking out THE 1st Diary POEMS by Prudee M. It is a joy to read and is inspiring, uplifting and moving. 

“When there’s someone holding your hand

Your heart is taken care of

When there’s someone taking your breath

The possibility of life is assured.”

From the poem Into Love.

You can find Prudee M over on Twitter and purchase THE 1st Diary POEMS here.


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