The £2 Pink Glitter Lipgloss

Hey there lovelies. It’s a bright and sunny day here in the UK. Yay! Maybe this means that hopefully soon I can have that BBQ! I popped to the shops today and it was so so busy. The sunshine had definitely brought everyone out. Even though it means shopping can be a bit more hectic than usual, it makes me feel all summery and I love seeing everyone enjoying themselves. All I wanna do now is go to the seaside and have fish & chips!

Today’s brand new blog post is all about this gorgeous (see photos above and below) Shine Shine Shine pink glitter lipgloss by Essence. I absolutely love makeup by Essence, (as you may already know)! Check out my post here, on their Kiss The Unicorn Lipstick. Also, you can check out the Balmy Kiss Lip Care, lip balm here. Also just to warn you, there will be another Essence blog post coming very soon! Anyway, it’s been so long since I have worn any lipgloss, but I really just fancied wearing some. So I popped into my local Wilko store and found myself this beauty of a lipgloss. It’s pink and sparkly, what more could you want in a lipgloss!? I don’t know why I suddenly wanted some lipgloss. Maybe it’s because my collection of lipsticks is still slowly growing and so I just fancied something different to wear on my lips!

Essence has an amazingly huge range of lip products, and each one of them is just so gorgeous. But this was the lipgloss I was drawn too. It just wanted to be worn, and my lips just wanted to wear it! I remember when I younger and at school, and all of my friends seemed to be wearing lipgloss, it was like the latest craze. During each break between lessons, they would get their lipglosses out and apply some. I think it was mainly because lipgloss can look very natural on the lips, depending which shade you get and you also don’t have to have glitter ones, so no one really took notice that it was being worn!

So yeah, I must admit, this lipgloss is definitely bringing back that love for lipgloss again and a bit of nostalgia. This one just seems to remind me of unicorns, don’t ask why, but it really does. I love the colour pink and I love glitter. Not sure where I get unicorns from that, but anyway, it’s a very gorgeous lipgloss. Sometimes it’s just nice to wear something a little lighter on the lips and not have to apply lipstick. Also, I love the little wand you get with lipglosses for applying it to the lips. It’s quick and easy and I can just about do it without using a mirror!


As you can see with this lipgloss, you get a very generous amount, and for just £2, it’s a bargain. That’s one of two things that I love about products by Essence, they are amazing quality, but they are also super affordable. And they are cruelty-free too. They also have super cute packaging on their products. This little beauty is jammed pack full of pinkness and lots and lots of glitter. It glides easily right onto the lips. Also with lipglosses, they can tend to be a bit sticky, but this one felt absolutely fine on my lips and I hardly knew it was there and I was wearing it!

It gave a lovely wet look shine to my lips and the shade of this one is subtle and looks very natural, but it still gives you that hint of pink. I adore the texture of it. You can get these in a range of different shades, from nude to bright colours. Mine is in the shade 03, Friends Of Glamour. I will definitely be checking out the other shades of lipgloss in the range.

Do you wear lipgloss? If so, which ones are your favourite to wear? Do you love glitter ones?

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