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Today I want to share with you a brand new book review. If you have read some of my previous book reviews, you will know that I am quite a huge fan of science fiction. Another genre which I absolutely love reading is Romance. I am so honoured to be taking part in The Duchess Deal Blog Tour. I am also super excited to share with you today, an extract from the book, which you really, really, really must read. It will definitely leave you wanting to read more, trust me! The Duchess Deal* is a Mills and Boon book, by Tessa Dare. Before I forget to mention, if you head on down to the bottom of this post, you can check out other blogs that are taking part in this blog tour too. I highly recommend checking them out. First up below is an extract from the book and then a little further down you can check out my review. 


“How did you know where to find this shop?” she asked, suspicious. “Did you follow me?”

“I am a duke. Of course I didn’t follow you. I had you followed. It’s an entirely different thing.”

She shook her head, unfurling the measuring tape. “And yet no less disturbing.”

“Disturbing? Yesterday you turned down a lifetime of wealth in favor of two pounds, three

shillings in ready coin, and then fled from my house as though it were afire. Has it not occurred to you that I might have pursued you out of some genuine concern for your well-being?”

She gave him a doubtful look.

“I’m not saying I did. Only that it should have occurred to you.”

Emma moved behind him and stretched her measuring tape from his left shoulder to his

wrist, ostensibly taking the length of his sleeve. In actuality, most of her concentration was consumed with ignoring his closeness. Only a single layer of fine, crisp linen separated her touch from his body, and she had no desire to relive that buzzing shock of connection they’d shared in his


You can’t leave now. We’re just starting to have fun.

She took the measurement from one shoulder to the other. When she inhaled, she drew in

the masculine scents of shaving soap and rich cologne.

None of this was helping with her focus problem.

“You’re not writing these measurements down,” he said.

“I don’t need to. I’ll remember.”

Unfortunately. Whether she wished it or not, Emma knew this encounter would be burned

into her memory forever. Or if not forever, at least until she was sufficiently old and feebleminded

to hold conversations with a squash.

She turned the tape vertically and put one end to the nape of his neck. A mistake. Now, atop all these unwanted memories, she’d added the feel of his shorn hair. It had the texture of expensive

velvet, with a dense, luxurious pile.

Velvet, Emma? Really?

“Almost finished. I’ll just measure your chest now.” She held the end of the tape on one side

of his rib cage, and then turned to circle him in the opposite direction, drawing the tape across the satin backing of his waistcoat and all the way around, meeting both ends at his breastbone.

She cinched the tape. He winced.


There, now. She had the beast on a leash.

So why did she feel like his captive?

It wasn’t his scars that intimidated her. Quite the reverse. When she stood this close, her gaze couldn’t take in both halves of him at the same time. She had to choose a side.

Emma knew with a sinking heart which one would capture her. There were two approaches

to successful dressmaking—to find flaws and conceal them, or to bring out the hidden beauty. She’d always believed in the latter method, and oh, it came back to bite her today.

Don’t do it, Emma. Don’t give your foolish heart an inch of rope, or it will have you tied in knots.

 But it was too late. Now, as she looked up at him, all she could see was a man. One with

searching blue eyes and a hidden heart beating in a strong, defiant rhythm.

A man with wants, needs. Desires.

A man who’d reached out for her yesterday, and now . . .

And now gave every indication of leaning in for a kiss.

When the Duke of Ashbury returns from war, he realises that he needs an heir, which also means that he needs a wife. An unexpected guest soon arrives at the house, who desperately needs to see the Duke. Emma Gladstone is a seamstress and turns up at the house wearing a wedding dress. After Emma is let inside, the Duke gets a shock when he sees a young woman standing in front of him wearing a wedding dress, especially when he desperately needs a wife. But Emma is actually wearing the wedding dress of the Duke’s ex-fiance. Emma made this dress for her but hasn’t yet been paid for it, due to the wedding being off, which is why she is now standing in front of the Duke wearing the dress. 
After the Duke realises what’s happening, he suddenly asks Emma a very unexpected question. Even though the Duke has his own secrets and rules, so does Emma.

The Duchess Deal by Tessa Dare is captivating, gripping, brilliantly written and is a very enjoyable read. A compelling and irresistible historical romance novel. This book gets straight into it, as soon as we meet Emma in the book, straight away I knew I was going to like her. Emma is a strong young woman and is definitely no pushover. The Duchess Deal includes humorous moments, which I love. Emma does like to tease the Duke! It just adds that fun element to it. It’s also got a little bit of a Beauty and the Beast feel to it, which as you start reading the book, you may get that too. But what I can tell you is that this book is a must-read for all romance genre fans.

Just so you know, once you start reading this book, you may get a little hot around the collar and a little flustered, but you’re not gonna want to stop. 😘

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