The Moroccan Rose Superfood Facial Oil By Dr Botanicals

Happy Saturday! I hope that whatever you are doing this weekend, you have an amazing one. I’m currently sat at my desk writing this post and watching The Flinstones on TV! Don’t you just love Summer Holiday TV! I know I’m way past school age, by a long way, but ever since I was very young, I think my favourite thing about the school holidays, was always all of the cartoons and films that would come on TV over the 6 weeks off! But then that was the good old days when Diggit would come on in the morning and SMTV Live, oh and not forgetting CBBC! I miss those shows! Anyway, enough of me reminiscing about TV. 😂🙈 Today I want to share with you one of my very favourite products that I am really loving. It’s the Moroccan Rose Facial Oil by Dr Botanics.

You may remember a little while back, I reviewed and write about a subscription box by Pink Parcel for when it’s that time of the month. Inside the box was another little box, which had some amazing beauty goodies inside. One of the products, which you can see below, which was inside the box, is the Moroccan Rose Facial Oil by Dr Botanicals. As you can imagine, I was very excited to see this inside the box. I’ve used facial oils in the past before, but I’ve never really used them that much. I’ve always thought about getting another one, especially as with my last facial oil, I accidentally spilt most of it! 😭 I always hear so many great things about them. I don’t think I’ve ever used any products by Dr Botanicals before, but I have hears of this brand before. I was very intrigued and excited to see what this facial oil was like, especially as it has Moroccan Rose on the front! I’ve been using it for a while now and I just really want to write about it. This post is in no way sponsored and is my own honest opinion of the product. I love sharing amazing products with you and this is definitely one of them.

Clem Love Facial Oil

Clem Love Facial Oil

The amazing superfood facial oil

I think one of the reasons why I’ve never really used facial oils much, is because when I’ve tried them in the past, they have left my face feeling quite oily. (By the way, this post is 100% my own honest opinion and is in no way sponsored. I adore this product, and you’re about to find out why.) The one thing, well actually there are two things I love the most about this product, but the first thing is that this facial oil just simply absorbs straight into the skin. There is no oiliness left over and you wouldn’t even know you had applied any.

The second thing I love about this product is the scent. I would 110% honestly buy the scent of this product as a perfume. It is just such a beautiful and gorgeous scent. Probably a little strange, but I just can’t stop sniffing my hands after applying it. 😂 I want the scent to last forever! If you’ve tried this facial oil before, you will know what I mean. If you have tried smelt this facial oil before, please let me know if there is a perfume that smells exactly the same!

A little of this facial oil really does go a long way. I just pop 3 drops from the applicator on to my hand and then dab on to my skin. Those 3 drops literally cover my whole face. It’s such a wonderful product and a joy to apply and use on the skin. I find it easier to pop some of the facial on to my hand first. I have seen people pop it straight on to their skin from the applicator, but it seems to get a bit too messy for me! 😂

I use this product after taking off my make up and cleansing and washing my face and after I have applied some toner. After applying the facial oil, I leave it to absorb completely into my skin and then apply moisturiser and eye cream. Then that’s my night times skincare routine sorted. I prefer to just use the facial oil in the evenings. As usually in the morning I will wash my face and apply toner, then use some moisturiser and apply my make up. I prefer to use more skincare products in the evening.

The description for this product, says that it is packed full of vitamins and minerals, which help to rejuvenate, renew and protect the skin. It is also rich in antioxidants and moisturising properties, to help keep the skin hydrated. It also says that the main active ingredients in this facial oil, are Vitamin C, Vitamin A and Almond Oil. As you can see it’s packed full of goodness. My skin really loves this facial oil.

Clem Love Facial Oil

Clem Love Facial Oil

If you are looking for a brand new facial oil to try or you have been thinking for a while about trying one, I highly recommend checking out this little beauty. You won’t be disappointed. When I last looked online, it had actually sold out, and although I was sent this item in a subscription box I reviewed for Clem Loves, it is quite a bit more than what I would usually pay for a face product. But honestly it is worth every penny and I would honestly spend that amount on this facial oil. I am going to keep checking the website to see when it’s back in stock again. They also do quite a lot of other facial products too which look and sound so lovely. Please let me know in the comments if you know where else I can pink up this facial oil?

Do you use facial oils? If so, which ones are your favourites? If you don’t use facial oil, I would love to know if you have thought about trying them?

Clem Love Facial Oil

Clem Love Facial Oil

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