The Very White Of Love by S C Worrall | Book Review

How lovely was the weather yesterday!? It was so nice out. I must admit though, I didn’t really get up to much yesterday. I’ve come down with this horrible chest cold and haven’t been feeling well. So my day was spent working on my blog and creating some new content and imagery. Oh, and I may have also watched a few episodes of Gilmore Girls too! I would love to know if you got to go out in the sunshine and what you got up to? Going a little off topic here, but I would also really love to know what you think of the new IGTV? I haven’t really properly looked at it yet, but I do think it’s a great idea. I’m very tempted to give it a go! Anyway, on to today’s post…

I am very honoured to be taking part in The Very White Of Love blog tour, and I’m really excited to share with you today a brand new book review. I was very kindly sent a copy of The Very White Of Love by S C Worrall to read and review. What really attracted me to this book, is that the book is based on genuine letters found in a box and a true story of love and war. I love history and I love reading about real-life stories and experiences. It is set during the Second World War and The Very White of Love is based on the author’s family story. S C Worrall has written for National Geographic, GQ, The London Times and The Guardian. The Very White Of Love is his debut novel. At the bottom of this post, I have also added the blog tour banner with all of the other bloggers who are taking part too. 😀💕

The Very White Of Love

“Torn apart by war, their letters meant everything…

My love. I am writing to you without knowing where you are but I will find you after all these long months’

3rd September 1938. Martin Preston is in his second year of Oxford when his world is split in two by a beautiful redhead, Nancy Whelan. A whirlwind romance blossoms in the Buckinghamshire countryside as dark clouds begin to gather in Europe.

3rd September 1939. Britain declares war on Germany. Martin is sent to the battlefields of France, but as their letters cross the channel, he tells Nancy their love will keep him safe. Then, one day, his letters stop.

3rd September 1940. It’s four months since Nancy last heard from Martin. She knows he is still alive. And she’ll do anything to find him. But what she discovers will change her life forever.”

A chocolate box decorated with red roses and tied with a piece of red ribbon was found at the bottom of the wardrobe. Inside were love letters… The Very White Of Love is a brilliantly and beautifully written book, filled with the moments of meeting for the first time, experiencing true love and that first kiss. The beautiful letters that were written by Martin to Nancy, show a deep connection in which they both share and have shared. But the story also shares the emotions of loss and the horrors of war and how everything can suddenly change.

Straight away from reading the first chapter of this book, I was gripped and captivated by the story and was in awe of the first encounter that Martin and Nancy share together. After that brief meeting, Martin wanted to find out who the young woman was who he almost bumped in to and made it his mission to try and find out who she was and find her. Martin was captivated by the young woman. I absolutely adore the chemistry between both Martin and Nancy and I automatically felt very connected to them both. It is so beautiful to see how strong the love is between both of them through their letters.

The Very White Of Love is such an important, moving and powerful book and a book that must be read. This isn’t just a story, it is a true story and shares with the reader the true happenings that were currently going on throughout England and Europe. True feelings and emotions that were felt and how the war affected everyone both those fighting in the war those at home. How loved ones were left waiting at home, waiting to hear and dreading that call. How letters played an important part in keeping love strong and just that sense of knowing that they were okay. This is a story that will stay with me for a very long time and book that I will treasure always.


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