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Happy Saturday! I hope you are having a fab weekend! I ended up spending my Friday night sleeping and then going to bed early! But it felt so good to have an early night and get a good nights sleep. How did you spend your Friday night? It’s been so long since I’ve done a tag post. I really love doing them, as it’s a way of getting to know someone that little bit better! I was tagged by Fiona over at Sunshine, Raindrops and Teas In The Garden. You can check out Fiona’s post here. I tag anyone who wants to join in and answer these questions. If you do do this tag, please leave me your links in the comments so I can have a read.

Question 1: Shower in the morning or evening?

Always in the morning. Occasionally if I feel like I want a shower, maybe the odd time I will have another one in the evening. But I’ve always prefered having a shower in the morning. It just means I have to try and hurry up and get ready so I’m not late! I remember a few years back I went through a stage of where I tried having one in the evening, but it didn’t really last for very long! Having a shower in the morning helps me to feel much more awake and refreshed.

Question 2: City centre or close to nature?

100% nature. I live in a town in Lincolnshire, so there’s a lot of countryside around me. But even living in a town can get too much. I would be happy in the middle of nowhere with plenty of nature around me. It’s nice to go to a city and do some shopping. As Peterborough is only about 30 mins away, I like to go there, but I wouldn’t want to live in a city. I love waking up in the morning and hearing the birds sing.

Question 3: Bright colours or neutrals?

Hmmm, this is a tough one. I love bright colours, and sometimes I will wear bright colours, but I suppose with neutrals, they kind of go more with anything. A while back I got myself this gorgeous bright colourful shirt, and I can’t wait to wear it tucked in my denim skirt and shorts. I think bright colours look fab in summer. Wearing them really brightens up my mood.

Question 4: Spring or Autumn?

This is another tough question. I don’t know if I can decide! I absolutely love Autumn and getting the jumpers out. I also love autumnal colours. But I do love Spring because of all of the little animals coming out from hibernating and it’s nice to have light mornings and waking up early and listen to the birds. Also, the weather starts to get warmer too. I think I’m going to have to say Spring! There’s just so much that I love about Spring.

Question 5: Mint or cinnamon?

I’m going to go for mint. I do like cinnamon, but only sometimes if that makes sense! I love chocolate mints and also the smell of mint. Oooo and mint sauce too with a Sunday dinner.

Question 6: Planned or spontaneous?

Being honest, I much prefer to have things planned. Depending on what it is, I may like to be spontaneous, like if it had been raining all week and then it’s a really sunny day, then it’s nice to just go out and have fun, but I do like to know what I’m doing in advance!

Question 7: A movie at home or at the cinema?

I’m going to have to go with cinema for this one. Mainly because when I’m at home I very rarely watch a film! I always watch tv series at home on Netflix mostly or just TV in general. I haven’t bought myself a film in probably years! Unless it’s a Disney one I’ve been wanting for ages. But even though I have Netflix and there are so many films on there, it’s not often that I will watch a film. If I’m round someone else’s house then I don’t mind just chilling out and watching a film together. But I will mainly only ever see a film if I go watch it at the cinema.

Question 8: Espresso or latte?

I don’t actually drink coffee! The only hot drink you will see me drink mostly is a hot chocolate. I am also a fan of fruit and peppermint teas too.

Question 9: Hugs or kisses?

Definitely hugs. Obviously, kisses are nice, but I love cuddling up on the sofa and having lots and lots of hugs.

Question 10: spicy or mild food?

Mild food! I’m not a fan of spicy food and also my stomach is definitely not a fan too! I like to enjoy my food without having to keep reaching for a glass of water.

Question 11: Leather or lace?

All I can think about with leather is that episode of Friends, where Ross buys a pair of leather trousers and then wears them to his dates house. His legs get really hot in them, so he goes to the bathroom, pulls them down to cool off but can’t get them back up again! If you haven’t watched that episode of Friends before, watch it now! It’s so funny. Anyway, my answer to this question is lace. Lace is so cute and pretty.

Question 12: Overdressed or underdressed?

If I’m going out, then I would say overdressed, especially if it’s a cold night. Years ago when I was younger I would go out in little dresses, high heels and nothing else on, but now if it’s cold, you will most likely see me a warm coat, gloves, scarf and a woolly hat! When I see teenagers go out now at night, all I can think of is how cold they must be and how did I used to go out in just a dress! But if it’s lovely and warm them the less the better! Especially at the beach! It’s nice treating yourself to a new bikini or swimsuit and having a sunbathe on the sand.

Question 13: Adventure or comfort?

Sometimes it’s nice to go on a little adventure, especially on holiday. But it’s always nice to be in the comfort of your own home doing what you love.

Question 14: TV series or movie?

Definitely TV series. But I always get so sad when a series ends. I have so many TV series on my Netflix list to watch. Some of my favourites are, Once Upon A Time, Teen Wolf, Pretty Little Liars, The Good Place, Friends, (of course!) Beyond and so many more!

Question 15: Rock or country music?

I do love my music. I am a huge fan of Indie music, it’s what I love to play on the drums. But even though I do like and listen to country music, I do like my rock music more. I love playing classic rock covers and listening to them. I love Queen, The Beatles and Elvis Presley.

Question 16: Red or white wine?

I don’t actually drink alcohol anymore. I can’t even remember when I last had a glass of wine, it must be years ago now. I used to love drinking Rose wine the most though when I did drink it.

Question 17: Working alone or in a team?

I don’t mind either to be honest. It’s nice to have someone to work with but then at the same time, sometimes it’s nice to just work on your own and get on with things yourself if that makes sense. When I’m at work, it’s great having people around me that I can talk to and make new friends.

Question 18: Swimming or sunbathing?

Hmmm, I think I will have to go with sunbathing as I’m not a great swimmer. But I will only sunbathe if I’ve got loads of suncream on, my hat and sunglasses, as I burn very easily. If I do go swimming, I always stay in the shallow end and rather than swimming I end up just bobbing up and down, or I do a strange type of doggy paddle!

Question 19: Fast food or sit-down restaurant?

I much prefer a sit-down restaurant and even though when I was younger I loved fast food, I’m not a huge fan of it anymore. Also at fast food places, I can never seem to find anything that I can eat that is dairy free and gluten free and doesn’t contain any onions or garlic. Also, it’s nice to get all dressed up and go to a nice restaurant and have a sit-down meal with friends and family.

Question 20: Matched or mismatched socks?

Obviously I prefer matched socks, but I will admit that if I do find an odd sock, I will wear mismatched ones!

Question 21: Dancing or singing?

I’m not the best of dancers, so I will go with singing! I do like having a sing-along when I’m at home alone!

Question 22: Phone or the internet?

I love talking to my family on the phone, but I am on the internet a lot. I love being able to talk to friends online and especially with Twitter, as it’s a great place to make new friends. You can just write a message and send it straight away, and if that person is busy, then they will get it later on. Also, the internet is great for keeping in contact with friends and family who live abroad. Especially if you have WhatsApp, as you can use the internet and use the app to call and video each other!


I’ve had so much fun answering these questions and I can’t wait to read yours. A huge thank you to Fiona for tagging me. As I mentioned above, I tag anyone who wants to take part in the tag. 💕


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