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I love fun and unique items, especially things that would be great as a gift for someone. I was very kindly sent this epic poster by Bold Tuesday, which is even bigger in person, to review for Clem Loves. I will always only review something on my blog that I find truly exciting, fascinating and I know that other people will love too. Also not forgetting that I will always only write about the things that I also love myself. Bold Tuesday was created by Keri and Markus, who are both designers from Estonia. They do a large selection of travel maps that can be used as decorative pieces on your wall, or to map out your travels around the world. I personally think this is a terrific idea and is something that can add a fun and interesting element to your home. And if you have a friend who loves to travel, then this is the perfect gift. There are even some really awesome and fun crossword travel posters, where you can search for all 50 states of America, or all 196 countries of the world!

Clem Loves Bold Tuesday

The poster in which I was very kindly sent, is the List Of Countries poster, which features all 196 countries. You get some dot stickers that you can use to place on the pictures of the countries you have been to, or you can leave the poster as it is. I’m personally leaving mine as it is, as I’m scared to mess it up, as it’s such a nice poster. But it’s great for documenting all of the places around the world you have been to. The names of the capital cities are also on it and the countries are in the order of the biggest to the smallest. I also received a small copy of one of Bold Tuesdays word searches, which I think are fantastic. I do love a good word search me.

A couple of my personal favourites on the website are The Northern and Southern Hemisphere posters, which show the Arctic and Antarctic. You can even get a map of your very own country. My travel map arrived very well packaged in the post and was very safely sealed to avoid getting damaged. Something I get really worried about when I know it’s something fragile like a poster. You can also get a few extras to complete your poster, such as magnetic poster rails, which sound so awesome! Or a set of 4 copper binder clips. If you’re looking for some extra reading material, I also highly recommend checking out their journal section of the website, where you find some really interesting great posts and tips.

Clem Loves Bold Tuesday

If you are looking for that brand new centerpiece for your wall, or maybe the next perfect gift for a friend, I definitely recommend checking out Bold Tuesday and their brilliant posters. It’s definitely making me want to go traveling and visit new places. I can use my travel poster to look at where I would love to travel to and visit.

Bold Tuesday are launching their posters at the Top Drawer Show, which begins on the 9th September 2018, in London. The show will be going on until the 11th September. So if you are going, be sure to drop by and check out Bold Tuesday there. There are so many amazing exhibitors going to be there.

I would love to know which poster is your favourite on Bold Tuesday. Head on over to their website to check them out and let me know in the comments.

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Clem Loves Bold Tuesday


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