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I love baking, I find it very relaxing, or is it just me! I love being able to find new recipes and then make them. I’m a huge fan of Pinterest and I’ve been getting a lot of inspiration from there for recipes. I have so many I want to make. You can follow me on Pinterest by clicking here. I have so many recipes in my recipe inspiration board. I love being nosy and seeing what other people have been baking. I recently made a banana bread loaf which tastes amazing, so watch this space, I wanted to test it out first before posting it on here. I’ve also been getting a lot of inspiration from Ella’s blog Deliciously Ella. Ella has a recipe on there to make your own dairy, gluten and wheat free chocolate with almond butter in the centre. They look so good and I really want to try making my own. I also like a challenge, a lot recipes I have looked at are not dairy, wheat and gluten free, so I love being able to re-create them and make them free from. Another recipe that I really want to try is making my own waffles. But first I need to get a waffle maker, so thats on the list. 

You may remember my previous post using Udi’s Pastry Mix when I made these delicious Jam Tarts. I saved some of the pastry mix so I could use it to make something else. Since becoming dairy, wheat and gluten I have often missed have a pasty, so I thought why not make my own using the Udi’s Pastry Mix. They taste so delicious and  I decided to fill mine with potato, courgette and mushroom. I followed the instructions on the box on how to make the pastry, then once rolled out I cut the pastry mix in to circles for the pasty shape, I then popped on my filling and folded the pastry to create the pasty and then I put them in oven. I can’t wait to get some more of this pastry mix as I have so many different ideas for recipes that I can use it for. 

Also I will be having a giveaway on my blog this coming Tuesday.

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