What’s in my bag?

Photo Taken by myself

I recently got this bag from River Island. I had forgot that i had some birthday money left over, so i thought i would treat myself. I don’t know if they still do it anymore as when i went online a couple of days after just to se what other bags they have got it was no longer on there, but I’ve seen it on ASOS so you should still be able to find it on there. This bag is the ‘Lilac structured mini tote bag.’ I wanted to get a bit smaller bag because i end up putting so much stuff in my bag that it gets so heavy! This one is just right size for me and as its a bit smaller I’m less likely to fill it with rubbish! My bag is usually full of receipts and empty wrappers! This bag has 3 compartments which is what i love most about it, (apart from it being such a cute bag!) The middle compartment has got a clasp that you use to undo it. I like that it has a strap on it as well as handles too. Its not a heavy bag either, its quite light. I’m really liking the gold detailing on it a lot. The bag just really stood out to me… it was calling ‘Clem, buy me, buy me!’ So i ended up getting it, but I’m so pleased i did. 

Although I’m always changing what’s in my bag, this is what is currently in my bag today. (My bag was receipt free and wrapper free, so I’m doing well! Although my purse seems to have acquired them instead!)

1. Owl Purse. I love this little owl purse so much. I got it when i was in Cornwall a couple of years ago. I use it for holding my money and change. This is just a little purse i can pop in my bag easily.

2. Lipstick. You may recognise this lipstick from one of my previous posts. Its the Rimmel London one in Coral in Gold. I am obsessed with this lipstick. I stocked up a while bag so i don’t run out too quick!

3. Concealer. I got this concealer from Superdrug a little while bag. Its great for covering spots. Its also got something in thats meant to help spots too. This only cost me a couple of pounds.

4. Ear Plugs. I always carry my earplugs with all the time. Being a drummer i need to wear them when playing to protect my hearing. If i don’t keep them in my bag i tend to forget them, so they go everywhere with me.

5. Hairbrush. I always carry this pink hairbrush with me everywhere. My mum got me it quite a while back and i   love it (cuz’ its pink!)

6. Lip gloss. I love lip glosses. This one is by Rimmel London and is the Vinyl Gloss. Its a really nice sparkly pink colour.

7. Lip Balm. I also love little tins of Vaseline for my lips Just in case my lips start to feel dry i like to carry these around with me. This one is the rose one. It has a slight pink tint to it.

8. Lip Balm. Another little tin of Vaseline. This one is the aloe vera one. They are very hydrating and keep my lips looking nice.

9. Mirror. This is my little cat mirror i carry everywhere with me. My mum got me this ages ago, i love it so much, its so cute. 

As well as these items in my bag i also carry my iPhone with me all the time, i was taking the photo using it so i couldn’t include it in!


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