Why do I wear make-up tag

When did I begin loving make-up ?

I started to get curious about make-up when I was about 10. I used to raid my mums make-up bag and go straight for the lipsticks! What a mess I made! Me and my cousin used to put these red lipsticks on each other as they were our favourite. I then started to experiment more with make up when i got to secondary school and started using a little powder and concealer. We wasn’t allowed to wear any make up at school so i used to wait till i got home or went out with my friends at the weekend. I remember when i first started using foundation i hadn’t got a clue on how to blend it in properly! At the time i thought i did a good job, until one of my friends pointed out that i had a long orange line where i hadn’t blended it in! But all of this learnt me to be more careful when applying make up and to become much better at putting it on.

How do you feel without make-up ?

To be honest i feel much better when i have got make-up on, but i do love having a lazy day now and again when i’m not busy and have a day without wearing make up. It does feel good when i haven’t got any on as i feel it allows my skin to have a rest.

What do i like about make-up ?

I love being able to experiment with colours and finding out what best suits me. I love using eyeliner, as i like doing the little flicks. I also love smokey eyes so i like experimenting with different colours to achieve this. I also love that there are so many products and brands to choose from now, as there is so much choice. It’s great that there is also a lot more affordable make-up brands so you only need to spend a few pounds.

My 3 Holy Grail items ?

  Lipstick 🙂 I am completely obsessed with lipsticks! My current favourite is the Coral In Gold one by Rimmel London.

  Mascara! Mascara always opens my eyes up that little more and makes me look more awake.

 I always have a concealer on hand to cover blemishes as i do get the odd breakout now and again

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