Zoella Hungry Hands | Review

I love a good hand cream, especially now that the weather is colder. I do tend to always get dry skin on my hands and it can get very sore and itchy. The skin on my hands also have a tendency to crack quite a bit, which makes them even worse. I love hand creams that are really moisturising as well as have a nice scent to them. I am also quite particular when it comes to a nice hand cream, as I really don’t like ones that can leave your hands feeling quite sticky and greasy. I love ones that blend in and dry quick and easily. Especially when you want to apply some before bed and you want to look at your phone, but you have already applied hand cream, it just gets everywhere!

I haven’t actually tried any hand creams by Zoella before, so as soon as I got this, I was really excited to try it. This was actually part of a giveaway that I had won a little while ago. As you could probably guess, I was very happy when I found out that this hand cream was among the prizes. Although I have seen this product being advertised, the first thing that really got my attention was the packaging. I love the red and gold of it and that you also get a little description on the front. It’s so cute, especially with the little gingerbread man on the front at the bottom!

So firstly I really want to talk about the scent of this hand cream. I had no idea what this was going to smell like. Although I have read great reviews on Zoella’s products, it’s nice when you are able to smell them yourself and test a product out. As soon as I took the little protective seal off of the tube, I could automatically smell the cream and let me tell you, it smells amazing! When applying the cream to my hands, the smell of the cream is quite strong, but in a really good way. I just want to keep smelling it more. It’s not overpowering, but at the same time, you can really smell it. 

The one thing that I really love when it comes to the scent of this product, is that it lasts a long time. Even now after applying the cream a while ago, I can still smell it. Obviously not as strong as I did before, but it’s still there, which is great when you have got a really nice smelling scent. As you can tell from the packaging, this cream smells of gingerbread, which really does smell like gingerbread. I can really smell the ginger in it. I love products that have more of a food type of scent to them. Apart from making me want to eat some gingerbread men, it just makes my hands smell so delicious!

This cream applies to the skin really easily and automatically starts to absorb in to the skin. As I mentioned above, I really don’t like hand creams that are sticky and greasy. This one, is definitely not either of those. There was no stickiness and no greasiness. Straight away my hands felt really moisturised and lovely and soft. I also found that a little goes a long way. I only need to apply a small amount, which, if purchasing this cream, makes it great value for money, especially when you get a generous amount in this tube already. I now really want to try the other hand creams in the Zoella beauty range. This is definitely on my list of my favourite products to use.

Have you tried any hand creams by Zoella?


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